don’t worry… this isn’t part of some preachy, vegetarian agenda… just a joke. so don’t send me any e-mails 😛 (though i was a vegetarian for 5 years! not any more though… the pull of a bacon cheeseburger really is more than i could handle).

but thanks for tuning in to another week of gronk! as this is posting, i’m in new york city for the new york comic con!  if you’re in the area, please, come by and see me in artists’ alley at table G-14.

and new fanart!

incredible cartoonist wes molebash (the creator of the current webcomic “max vs. max” and the now ended webcomic “you’ll have that”) sent me this drawing that he did of gronk!

adorkable! i love it!

you can check out “max vs. max” here:

and follow him on twitter here: