hooray! another week of gronk!

you’ll notice i posted this a day early… well, it’s thanksgiving! (even though technically dale lives in british columbia and the canadian folk already had thanksgiving back in october… as a displaced canadian, i figured i can post this on the american holiday!)

i hope everyone celebrating today gets to eat lots of pie and turkey.

and, in a very SPECIAL fanart update… this amazing crocheted gronk was given to me by the very talented Marka Eberle.

this was left in a cardboard box on my husband’s desk at work… in a box marked “ship to hogwarts via kings cross. platform 9 3/4”. i was REALLY confused when ryan handed me the box, abut when i opened it… my jaw DROPPED. this ADORKABLE gronk is almost 9″ tall, soft as can be and squishably huggable. really marka, it’s amazing. i can’t thank you enough!