welcome to a very special, mid-week edition of gronk! this pin-up is done by the amazingly talented David Petersen.

David is the creator behind the awesome comic series “Mouse Guard”… he’s also one of the most creative, clever, nicest people that i know!  I’m honored to have him draw my characters 🙂

you can visit david’s blog here: http://davidpetersen.blogspot.com/

(his blog is full of great artwork and some wonderful tutorials on how david creates!)

also, here’s a little gronk blast from the past! i posted these on katiecandraw.com a while ago before i had started the gronk webcomic. david drew these for me when i was first talking to him about finally starting up the “gronk” series!

(this one still makes me laugh every time)

(my cat’s name is “ipod”!)