only a couple weeks of gronk guest strips left before i make my return to the comic! thank you so much for understanding that the new mommy needed a break to concentrate on her own lil’ monster for a few weeks!

this week’s strip is from the amazing mike norton. most of you know mike from his great work for DC comics… but i like it best when he’s drawing pugs. i think he needs to draw a DC event book that’s all the JLA as pugs. it’ll sell. i’m telling ya’. (i love mike’s work because it’s got a really classic comic book feel but he really injects his own style into it… you can tell when it’s a drawing that mike did and he puts a lot of life and personality into his work!)

you can visit mike’s site here:

drop him an e-mail and tell him how cool he is.


also, Lar deSouza and i “met” through twitter. he’s the art force behind the webcomic “least i could do” and an all around insanely talented guy. i love following his twitter (!/lartist), because he’s hilarious and he’s always posting fun art! i couldn’t be happier to be one of his fans… and, he sent me this GREAT piece of gronk fanart!

it’s so cute, i just wanna’ die! eee!