there aren’t a lot of artists out there that i adore more than mike maihack. i’ve been admiring his adorable style and great sense of color for years… and now, i’ve had the great pleasure of him drawing my characters! eee!

you can visit mike’s website/blog here:

but, just as important as visiting his site, you need to be reading his amazing webcomic, cleopatra in space:

thank you mike! it’s PERFECT!


and, keeping in the theme of the spacedock7 crew, here’s an ADORKABLE pin-up by dani jones!!!

dani has a beautiful style that screams “children’s book illustration” to me. i would pay her piles of money to draw many story ideas i have… if i had piles of money. every time i see her art, i just want to COLOR something. it’s inspiring!

she’s also full of some really hip, innovative ideas as far as digital publishing! she’s a good egg 😉

you can visit her site here:

and read her AWESOME webcomic, “my sister, the freak”. it’s so fun! i adore it: