this week’s guest strip comes from writer kevin freeman and artist stan yan, the men behind the webcomic SubCulture! (

kevin is one HECK of a nice guy… and i’m thrilled that he and stan were nice enough to answer my plea for guest strips 😉 stan did a great job drawing this one too… gronk in panel 2 just KILLS me with it’s adorableness!


i will be returning to drawing gronk myself next friday… but there will be guest art every weekday next week leading up to my return! i have some great guest strips left to share! 😉


ALSO, a great pin-up by the incredible brent schoonover! brent has been pumping out some amazing art lately ….and his drop dead gorgeous wife just gave birth to a girl a little before i had grayson! he’s a busy guy!

love the homage to schulz! gronk looks good in a lil’ red coat and hat. may have to steal that…

brent’s website is here:


also… enjoy a picture of my cute kid & her mommy ; P

…and this one too: