a tuesday gronk update…. WHA?!

today, wednesday and thursday… there will be more guest strips! follow that with a gronk strip by ME on friday! I’M BACK, BABY!

today’s strip comes to you from 2 of my favorite people in the whole wide world… Andy and Alice Price. (Andy is a fantastic artist and his beautiful lady is a great writer!). they are one of the couples that i can’t wait to hug when convention season rolls around and one of the few couples that i want to go to disneyworld with to ride haunted mansion a bajillion times.

…and i  can’t help but think they’re makin’ fun of my love for star wars in this strip…


also, as a bonus… John “SUPER UGLY” Williams (http://thesuperugly.com/) did a SECOND GUEST STRIP!

john’s new little boy, bigby, is likely to be grayson’s biggest future crush. they’ll likely go sneak off at a comic convention together to go get tattoos and snicker about what dorks their parents are.


also, grayson is still ADORABLE.