i will admit to having seen all the twilight movies.

why? because as douche-y as he seems to be, robert pattinson is dishy. (i like lanky, awkward men, okay?)

there, i just unraveled the mystery of why women like twilight (because it’s certainly not for the story. that fourth book should only be used as kindling to light a fire in the chiminea in my backyard). ; P


this week’s fanart is a DELUGE of awesome stuff from karen christie (http://ryuuri.deviantart.com/) (she also made an ADORKABLE gronk stop-motion animation i want to post!)

and this one has my kiddo in it! extra awesome! 😉


gronk is also up for comicmix’s webcomic march madness…

go give us a vote 🙂 if i can just make it to the next round, i will gladly lose gracefully to “my sister the freak”.