this week’s gronk was a surprise in my inbox a few weeks back… and i thought it was just SO CUTE that it deserved it’s own week!

it’s done by tim fischer over at please go check out his work!

i’ll be back next week with more gronk from me… but this one got me right in my nerdy lil’ heart. i love it tim!


right now, i’m up in traverse city michigan for cherry capital con this weekend! if you’re in the area, please come see me!

also, the gronk book is DAYS away from heading to the printer. i’m SO EXCITED ABOUT IT i can hardly stand it.


OH OH OH! and we have fanart this week!

from, lauren chaikin, we have this adooooorkable lil’ number:

you can visit her work here:


you’ve only got a few days left to pre-order the gronk book… SO ORDER IT ALREADY! 😉