i would, as usual, consider it a personal favor if you introduced gronk to one new person today. tweet it, email it, facebook it, tumblr it… write the website on the side of your neighbor’s cat… things like that.


enjoy this 8bit gronk design i did when i was coming up with some gronk shirt designs.


speaking of t-shirts, gronk fan and guest strip contributer timothy fischer is starting up his own t-shirt company, hidden base designs!

he even put gronk into one of his nerdy creations:


(EXCELLENT “Wronski Feint” reference. niiiice)

here’s the site (the shirts go live in november) http://hiddenbasedesigns.com/


but i DO hop you’re consider giving his kickstarter page a look and maybe even donate a few $s!



come on guys, i want that bulgarian quidditch shirt! help tim out  ; )


also as usual, you can buy the FULL COLOR gronk book here: