Today’s amazing guest strip comes from¬†Sebastian Henke!

Insanely cute and very much in the spirit of Gronk, I’m thrilled to post this piece this week.

You can check out Sebastian’s webcomic here:


We are well into our move and I’ll be back to Gronk soon! It takes more effort than I’d like to move an entire household about 30+ minutes north of your current home! Things were so much easier when I was just moving an apartment full of crap… not a household worth of furniture, a studio, a toddler, and three unhappy cats!


I have spent the past week painting every room in the new house “eggshell” to try and cover up some very bad decor decisions made by the past owners… the sponge painted walls I have now seen would turn your stomachs.

Have a gronk guest strip or piece of fanart? Send it to me!