Hello everyone!

This Gronk guest strip was done by none other than the very talented and awesome Otis Frampton! I’ve known Otis for a long time and I’m thrilled he stepped up and did this for me… thank you Otis! I love all the expressions that Gronk is trying to make here… mostly because we all know I love a good fart joke.


tumblr: http://otisframpton.tumblr.com

deviant art: http://otisframpton.deviantart.com/gallery/


you’ll notice that Gronk did not update last week!

…well, that’s because I was taken to the hospital last Thursday morning and, due to some health issues, they had me deliver my baby 5 weeks ahead of schedule!. Eep! I didn’t really have time to upload last week’s strip before everything went down.

So, if you’d like to do a guest strip, now’s the time… e-mail me at katiecandraw@gmail.com! I’d love the help in keeping Gronk up and running while I’m recovering and enjoying my new daughter… Harper!